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Safety Week 2018, A Hit!

Through the week of 15th-20th October, our staff endeavoured on the fun but knowledgeable journey of educating your children on water safety skills.

Students participated in activities such a treading water, water safety quizzes, and taking clothes off in water. With some of the older age groups we wanted to challenge them by staging a real life scenario and teaching the students how to help rescue a victim in the appropriate manner.

All activities were crafted to help give the students some knowledge and experience on how to be safe around water.

Although safety week is over, educating your kids on water safety is essential. We encourage you to keep talking your children, so they are familiar of what to do when placed in an emergency around water. Continue to ask simple questions such as; What number do you call in an emergency? Where do you swim at the beach? Are you allowed to go swimming by yourself? If you fall into the pool where do you go?

A thank you to our local lifeguards patrolling our beaches daily to make them safe for us to swim at. If you have any other questions about water safety, you can visit our local Surf Life Saving Club website, by clicking here.

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